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A Paul Gibson Boston Amplifier is an electro physiological device, a variation of the instrumentation amplifier, used to gather and increase the signal integrity of physiologic electrical activity for output to various sources. It may be an independent unit, or integrated into the electrodes.

In a world bounded by the necessity of telecommunication, it is important to have quality in interaction. Boston Amplifier believes that there is nothing more significant to daily life than building reliable, connected, and productive global communities. Any one of these essentials is enough to make a difference in the present, but it takes all three to change the way we look at things. Today we are able to access information and people from around the world in an instant.

Our goal is to identify and provide outstanding products and services for cellular communication devices that will bestow improved signal quality, increased coverage area, increased power and sensitivity, and increased talk in/talk out range. Our job is to enhance the overall performance, quality and effectiveness of the means to reach the information at our “finger tips” and the people “across the seas”.

Boston Amplifier focus is to bring high quality amplifiers with the latest in engineering and RF wireless technology. We understand the complexity of the indoor wireless environment and Boston Amplifier engineers and customer service can provide you with technical advice to help you to select the correct amplifier for your application and ensure you the most competitive pricing for your budget. All of our amplifiers are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A.


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Boston Acoustics GT-50 5-channel car amplifier

Channel High Current Amplifier

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